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Contract Technical Writers

Contract Technical Writers

Are you looking to hire contract technical writers? Maybe you are releasing a new version of your product and need to update your existing documentation. Maybe your current documentation was written by your developers and you know it could be improved. Maybe your users have complained about your documentation suite, or you are getting more than your desired volume of support calls.

Expert Support can solve your documentation problems

We produce user guides, tutorials, installation guides, quick-start training, and more. We document policies and procedures. We produce documentation and training for orientation of newly hired software developers.

We employ a group of more than 30 experienced technical communication professionals. More than just talented writers, we have practical, cost-conscious communication consultants who can help you plan, estimate, and execute your documentation projects.

Whether you have an immediate need or are starting to plan for documentation, contact us to explore how we can help with your project.

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If you are looking for a contract technical writer

If you got here because you are looking for help with your technical documentation, here are your next steps.

  1. If you have a project in mind, tell us about it.
  2. In the We serve menu, find out what we do for documentation managers (aka technical publications managers), software engineering managers, product managers, startup execs, and support groups such as HR or purchasing.
  3. Learn more about our catalog of services.
  4. Check out our library of white papers on technical documentation.
  5. Sign up for our newsletter.

If you are a technical writer

If you got here because you are a technical writer, and you want to explore the world of consulting for technical communication, we want to connect with you. Here are your next steps.

  1. Sign up for our newsletter. Select “Potential Employee” or “Potential Trainee” from the list of interests.
  2. In the We serve menu, check out our resources for technical writers.
  3. Read more about our company:
  4. Send your resume to jobs (at)
  5. Send us some writing samples. If you don’t have a sufficiently technical sample, find some open-source software and write some documentation for that project.

We hire senior writers with deep technical experience. It is not easy to meet our standards. If you do, though, we can help you create a fulfilling career as a technical communication professional.


Paul Gustafson is Expert Support's new president. Learn more