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Fast and Accurate Technical Communication with a Purpose

Expert Support has more than 30 experienced, talented, and practical technical communication professionals. We’ve been in this business since 1990. We understand computer technology. We understand how to talk about it so that readers understand. Business managers appreciate us because we provide business value. Engineers enjoy working with us because we understand what they’ve built, we like talking about their work, and we write about it without wasting their time.

We have a cost-aware, pragmatic, do-the-job-right approach. We work to make every customer engagement successful, to make you, the customer, pleased with the result and the process.

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Gold guy holding pencilTechnical Writing

For over 26 years, we’ve created and maintained all kinds of documentation and technical communication, but we’re particularly good at the more technical kinds of technical writing. We regularly work on API reference manuals, programming guides, installation and configuration guides, user manuals, help systems, requirement specifications, and end-user tutorials. We support your product with clear, concise, accurate, and effective docs. MORE INFO

Gold guy with laptopProduction and Design

We have an in-house production team that supports our writers and our customers with editing, indexing, content management, document conversion, style guides, templates, layout, illustration, and graphics. We can work in just about any medium you need, including print, PDF, help files, web pages, video, and mobile. MORE INFO


We’re experienced with a broad range of technical communication applications and technologies including:

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  • FrameMaker, Word, InDesign, PDF
  • Confluence, WordPress, MediaWiki
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, FireWorks
  • Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JS, XML
  • Structured FrameMaker, DITA
  • Flare, RoboHelp, Camtasia, Captivate
  • And many more



Paul Gustafson is Expert Support's new president. Learn more