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Do you want to work for Expert Support?

Expert Support Inc. does contract technical writing and instructional development for a number of technology companies in Silicon Valley. Most, but not all, of our business is on the more technical side of things. We do lots of API manuals. It is not unusual for someone to call us and ask for “someone with JavaScript, JSON, SOAP, and Wiki experience. Oh, and they need to understand what RESTful apps are.” Not all the jobs are that complicated, but some are.

We need people who:

  • Enjoy learning new technology and can learn new software and software APIs quickly
  • Aren’t afraid to ask engineers questions, but try to figure stuff out for themselves first
  • Are very good with at least two of these tool sets: FrameMaker, Wiki, Javadoc, DITA, Word
  • Want to be, or already are one of the best technical writers on the planet

Paul Gustafson is Expert Support's new president. Learn more