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Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Our goal is to be the best technical writers on the planet

We specialize in the technical part of technical documentation. Many of our writers are former programmers. We understand software concepts quickly. We know how to write documents that programmers actually use.

It’s easy for engineers to talk to us. We know the difference between Java and JavaScript. We know what a RESTful application is. We know that OAuth isn’t an open-source database of authors. If we don’t know something, we try to look it up before asking the engineer to explain it to us. We know they’re busy with little time to spare. In short, we get it. If your engineers are sick of talking to writers who don’t understand their work, you should try working with an Expert Support technical writer.

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We started our company in 1990, when you could get a two-letter domain name for free, (which turned out to be a very good investment for us). Since then, we have completed nearly 3000 technical writing services and documentation projects for over 100 companies. We aspire to be the best technical writing company on the planet. We embrace the Japanese concept of kaizen, or continual improvement. We are a professional consulting company, with a distinguished track record, capable of delivering exceptional documents for our customers.

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Customer quotes:

Whenever I have ESI writers on a project,
I know I will get quality documentation
when we need it.

The high value of your company is with the quality of your
people helping us deliver sophisticated and complex
documentation to our customers. Thank you.

You consistently deliver the best.

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Expert Support is also a full-service documentation resource. We have experience with a wide variety of documents, audiences, media, and tools. We have written APIs, user guides, reference manuals, installation manuals, administration manuals, white papers, marketing materials, help files, web pages, procedure manuals, and more. We have developed documentation for developers, end users, sales people, scientists, researchers, executives, patients, and doctors. We make sure the documents we produce are relevant to and appropriate for your intended audience. We have done literally thousands of projects. In Silicon Valley, we are the first place to find technically sophisticated writers who can really deliver first-rate documentation of any kind.

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Paul Gustafson is Expert Support's new president. Learn more