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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We violently dislike spam. We expect you do, too. You are more valuable to us as a friend or customer than you could ever be as a spam recipient.

If you give us your contact information, we might send you a newsletter from time to time, if we have time to write one. Don’t hold your breath, though—the shoemaker’s children and all that. If, heaven help us, we ever send out so many newsletters that you don’t want to get them from us any more, tell us and we’ll take you off the list.

No one has EVER offered us money for our list of email addresses. If they did, they would have to offer us an awful lot of money to make it worth while. Really, seriously enough for us to retire. We don’t think anyone will ever offer us that much. But if they did, well, we would be tempted. We can’t say we’d never do it, but we’d send you an email first, to see if you wanted to opt out.

Fair enough?


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