Technical Communication with a Purpose

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We try to make every customer engagement successful, where “successful” means that both we and the customer are pleased with the results and with the process that produced them. We try to produce the right results, at a fair price, using a mutually supportive, respectful approach.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and quality. We strive to achieve unqualified satisfaction in every engagement.


Our Motto

Satisfy customers! Have fun! Make money!

The idea comes from a Dilbert strip. It captures some of our fundamental qualities…

Customer Satisfaction

  • We take great pride in our ability to tell our customers what we plan to do and then deliver on our promises.
  • Most of our business comes from repeat customers or from our professional contacts and referrals.
  • Customers appreciate the fact that we’re always happy to transfer expertise to them rather than hoard it with the intention of being “indispensable.”


  • We like making our customers more successful.
  • We like the excitement of learning new technologies and the challenge of trying to make them make sense to a target market.
  • We’re serious about the work we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 
  • We believe in balancing work-style and life-style issues; most of our people have substantial interests outside work.


  • A few of our customers think we’re expensive; (almost) all of our customers think we’re worth it.
  • We believe fundamentally in providing value to our customers for the money we earn.
  • We run on very low overhead; most of the money we earn is distributed to our employees, so customers get more direct value from the dollars they invest in us.
  • We’re a service company, so we don’t expect to get filthy rich by hitting some product-oriented jackpot.

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