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Editing and Production

Editing and Production

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We provide a variety of documentation-related services to support your documentation department. We can edit your documents. We can convert them to another publication tool. We can recreate source files from a PDF. We can create graphics, index your document, and help you prepare for printing or online delivery. Just tell us what you need.

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Applications and Technologies

Developmental and Copy Editing

Maybe you don’t need a writer. Maybe what you really need is an editor. Our editors provide many different levels of editing, from developmental editing to copy editing to proofreading. If you have a release crunch coming, or maybe just a new writer that needs editing, we can help.

Documentation Template Design and Construction

At the heart of every professional-looking document is a documentation template. A template is a document blueprint created in the publication tool of your choice. It defines the structure and appearance of your documents. The template’s goal is to help ensure that multiple writers can produce documents with a consistent appearance, allowing the writers to concentrate on content rather than worrying about how documents should look.

Graphics, Charts, and Presentations

Our staff of graphic artists can create graphics, charts, or presentations for your documentation. From line drawings to product images, they produce graphics that meet your size, format, and output requirements. Our graphic artists can also help your writers create or update graphics.

Document Conversion

Converting documents from one publication tool to another, or from hard copy to online, can be a time-consuming task. Our production specialists are skilled at document conversion. Our staff understands the ins and outs of converting documents. We have converted hundreds of thousands of pages in the past and we can help you convert your documents, too.

Publication Preparation Management

Don’t know how to deal with your print vendor, or just don’t have time? Do you need someone to make sure the print vendor is doing the right thing? Do you need someone to check the proofs? We can help you deal with print vendors. We understand their language and their needs.

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