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Why Expert Support?

Expert Support does contract-based technical communication. That means you hire us to do something in particular—update a manual, write a website, develop training materials—then we do that for you and we go away until you hire us again. We aren’t an agency or a resume mill; we don’t try to get you to hire our writers. We are based in Silicon Valley, California, but we are perfectly capable of working remotely if you are. Here are some reasons to use Expert Support for your technical communication work:

  • Experience: Expert Support has been doing technical writing and technical communication for a long time. We were founded in 1990, and we’ve done thousands of projects since then. Several of our customers have used us for over 200 projects.
  • Technical Ability: We specialize in taking on technically difficult jobs and succeeding. Many of our writers were engineers before becoming technical writers. We don’t just write about your product, we understand it first.
  • Availability: We have over 25 writers working for us. No matter when your job starts, a writer is likely to be available for it.
  • Versatility: We do all forms of technical communication, including paper manuals, PDFs, web pages, wikis, video training, instructor-led training, internal and external websites, and XML/DITA content. We can do whatever your business requires.
  • Depth: We don’t just have technical writers. We have a production department that does editing, document conversion, technical illustration, indexing, graphic design, and website design. We also have engineers who can build scripts or back-end technology to make your website work the way you want it to. We can take your project from start to finish.

We’d be happy to talk to you about your project and see if there is a match between your needs and our capabilities.

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