Technical Communication with a Purpose

Our holiday tradition

Here it is! The 2018 Expert Support Calendar! Every holiday season, Expert Support creates a new calendar for our friends and colleagues around the world. To produce the calendar, we hold an annual company-wide contest where employees share their favorite photos, and from these, we choose one photo to inspire the design. This year, we printed a few extra. If…

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Unleash the API Economy

Way back in 2012, Doc Searls wrote a prescient book called The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge. In this book, Searls foretells a plausible API-enabled world where the power of individuals rises and begins to balance the power of much larger organizations like banks, corporations, and governments. An interesting and hopeful read, Searls starts Chapter 22 by quoting Craig…

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Game changer: Your product **is** your marketing

Recent changes in how technology-based products are sold have raised the importance of technical communications. Effective technical communications, namely onboarding, training, and documentation, are now crucial to making the sale. Not that long ago, most IT hardware and software was sold directly by company salespeople or by salespeople working for channel partners. Marketing agencies produced mountains of marketing collateral to…

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The next big thing – for me, you, and everyone else, too.

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Expert Support Inc. as its new President. Expert Support is a professional services firm that provides technical communications expertise and support to a set of world-class clients here in Silicon Valley. I am excited to join Expert Support because of the considerable business benefits that become possible through excellence in technical communications….

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Should You Outsource Documentation Development Offshore?

Some of our customers also moving their documentation efforts offshore. These offshore groups are direct competitors of ours, so we are obviously interested in how these projects are doing and what our customers’ experiences with the projects are like. Some preliminary results are in and we thought that we would share our observations with you.


We have a few of our calendars available. Would you like one?