Technical Communication with a Purpose

About the blog

About the blog

Our blog provides help (and maybe some entertainment 😉 ) for professional technical communicators and for people who employ or contract with them.

  • The News channel has news items about what’s happening in the world of technical communications. Some of these are shameless plugs about what’s happening at Expert Support.
  • The Views channel provides opinion pieces written by the staff at Expert Support in which we rant about things that annoy or excite us.
  • The Clues channel provides tips and techniques that we’ve found useful.

What do we mean by “professional technical communicator”? Technical writers, instructional designers, technical trainers, business analysts, and technical project managers are in the center of our target audience. If your primary job is to acquire knowledge about a technical topic, understand it, reformulate it for a target audience, and produce work products that help your audience make effective use of that knowledge, then you’re definitely a technical communicator. If you manage technical publications, you’re also in the center of our target audience.

Maybe you’re an engineer saddled with writing documentation for your product, or producing the spec for the next version, or doing other loathsome writing tasks. Or maybe you’re a sales support engineer who needs to explain your stuff to customers or your sales crew. Or maybe you’re in customer support and wish your documentation and support knowledge base actually helped you do your job. You guys are in the first ring around the bull’s eye. You might pick up some cool tips from those of us who write and train for a living.

Maybe you’re an engineering manager who needs some way to communicate with your marketing group. Or you’re in marketing and need to figure out what the engineering group is producing. Or you’re in charge of technical support and want to figure out how to keep track of engineering and marketing are up to. You guys are in the next ring. Drop in now and then if you want to learn a bit about how technical communication can actually be done effectively.


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