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I am thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Expert Support Inc. as its new President.

Expert Support is a professional services firm that provides technical communications expertise and support to a set of world-class clients here in Silicon Valley.

I am excited to join Expert Support because of the considerable business benefits that become possible through excellence in technical communications. Recent industry trends have amplified these benefits, and now technical communications excellence has become more important than ever before. Watch this space in the days ahead for some exciting new perspectives and details.

With this move, I’m re-joining my long-time friend, Denny Brown, who co-founded Expert Support back in 1990. Many years before that, Denny hired me out of college at Teknowledge. Teknowledge, a spin off of Stanford’s AI group led by Ed Feigenbaum, was one of a few hot AI start-ups of that era. At the time, Teknowledge focused on knowledge engineering software tools, training, custom applications, and AI research. Many of the concepts pioneered there have evolved into today’s modern software engineering concepts.

Before joining Teknowledge, Denny acted as associate chairman of Stanford’s Computer Science Department for five years. He taught undergraduate courses in programming, and managed the graduate degree programs. While there, he and his programs touched the lives of dozens of technology leaders who’ve gone on to do great things in Silicon Valley.

In a very real sense, my career became possible because Denny took a chance on an Engineering/Journalism major from Iowa State back in the 80’s. So I’m thrilled to be rejoining him after all these many years.

Beginning with Teknowledge, my career has always centered around understanding, organizing, and explaining complex subjects to someone (prospects, customers, employees, partners, clients) so they too could understand those concepts, and as a result, make better decisions to get more value out of technology faster.

Since 1990, Denny and his team at Expert Support have built a successful business around this core idea.

So check out the rest of and learn more about our approach and offerings. While here, please do sign up for our email list so we can let you know about important posts and updates.

Of course, if you or a colleague is struggling with any aspect of technical communications, please let me know. I’d love to learn more about the challenges you’re facing, and explore how we might be able to help.

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