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Scam Alert – Unsolicited phone calls from “Expert Support”

We got the following message from a person who was a target of the scam.

Someone from your company just called me & said your company was working on Windows’ clients whose computers were refusing patches & I was in danger of hacking. He wanted me to get on my computer so he could walk me through a fix. I did not do so. It sounded very fishy. He repeated 3 times that he was calling from your company. He said his name was Brian, it sounded like he was calling from an overseas call center. Please let me know if this is legitimate. If not, you should know that your company name is being used in a scam. Thank you.

So far, this is all we know. We do not have anybody named Brian. We don’t do computer support.

No legitimate company ever monitors your home computer to see whether it needs “fixing”.  It would be an illegal intrusion for them to do so. No legitimate company ever calls you, unsolicited, to ask you to install new software.  NEVER respond to these people.  They are either trying to get you to install nasty software or they are trying to get your credit card number.  Hang up on them.  If you feel you need computer support, call a legitimate source of computer support using a phone number you find on a public web site.

A big thank you to the whistle blower who sent us this notice!

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