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Expert Support Has Moved

We’ve had some big changes at Expert Support this month. After more than 20 years in our office at Old Mill Center, we have moved to 5150 El Camino Real, Suite D23, Los Altos, CA 94022. The building is on the corner of Rengstorff and El Camino.

Moving day was Monday, January 25, 2016. Tuesday was unpacking day.

We had hoped to be all up and running by now (Tuesday evening). But a variety of snafus has left us with furniture at the new building, but phones and internet still only working at the old building. We are hoping now to finish the technology part of the move sometime on Wednesday.

If all goes well on Wednesday, we will get the communication equipment installed at the new building on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, here are some things to know…

  1. Most of us in the office have our phones forwarding to our cell phones. Sarah Hitzeman doesn’t do cellphone, so if you need to connect with her, call Marie at 650-917-7896. You can reach Doug, Denny, Marie, and Karen at their normal business phone numbers. 917-789x.
  2. At some point, hopefully Wednesday, we will shut down the mail server to move it. If all goes well, it should only be down for a couple of hours. We will not lose email; we have a service in place that will store incoming email until we’re back online. But during the outage, none of the email addresses will be sending or receiving email. I will update this post just before we shut down.
  3. Please be patient with us. The move has consumed LOTS of extra time for all of us in the office. There might be tasks that don’t get done as quickly as usual. Feel free to connect with us later in the week if you think we forgot something.
  4. Google map to our new office is below.



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