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Sony Corporation ( includes operations in manufacturing and engineering, design, sales, marketing, product distribution, and customer service of products for electronics, recording media, and systems integration for market segments including consumer, broadcast, commercial, institutional, components, and original equipment manufacturers.

Project Summary: Graphic Design Services

Sony Electronics delivers consumer electronics to the mass market, including audio, video, multimedia, and computing products.

Expert Support has been providing documentation and graphic design services to Sony Electronics for the past two years. The products we have worked on include:

Magic Link

Magic Link™

Wireless Modem Link

Wireless Modem Link™


Sony PC



Magic Link Documentation

Expert Support wrote the following documents for the Magic Link personal communicator:

  • Getting Started
  • User’s Guide
  • Applications Guide

We developed the documentation from soup to nuts, starting with the source documents provided to Sony by a variety of third-party software vendors. We worked through numerous revision cycles and finally managed the production process for the finished books.

Our graphic arts staff provided many illustrations and contributed to the package design for the Magic Link communicator.

Wireless Modem Link Software Documentation

Expert Support wrote the Wireless Modem Link User’s Guide for the first release of the product.

Our graphic arts staff designed and produced the product illustration for the Wireless Modem Link packaging (shown above).

Sony PC Online Help

Expert Support developed some of the online help for VAIO™ Space and worked with Sony to update the files as Sony when they brought new models of the Sony PC to market.

WebTV Documentation

Sony is a licensee of WebTV, formerly known as Artemis. Check out our description of the WebTV project.

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