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Favicon file

This page contains info about favicon.ico files. For more, or if anything here looks wrong, go to Google and search on favicon.ico. Or try

The simple story

The favicon.ico file should contain a 16×16 pixel image.

You can build the image in any program that can produce a .bmp file. Photoshop, for example.


  • In some working folder in which you have image sources, take a full size logo and scale it down to 16 x 16 px.
  • Clean up the tiny logo by turning on and off individual pixels until you get a decent icon.
  • Save as .bmp.
  • Convert the .bmp file to a .ico file using the utility “irfanview” with is available from ( It looks from a quick google search like there are other utilities that do this.
  • Copy the .ico file to the top level of your website and rename it to favicon.ico.
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